Your Partner in Appearance Throughout Treatment and Beyond

Dear Hope for Two Members,

Learning of a diagnosis such as Cancer is overwhelming, life changing and flat out terrifying.  I know first hand what that experience is like because my Mother is 16 year breast cancer survivor. Santangelo Salon, Spa & Clinic in Cheektowaga, New York can help address your concerns about your hair and your appearance as you begin your journey to recovery and beyond.  As General Manager, I am proud to offer a variety of services to help newly diagnosed patients as well as patients who have completed treatment, with hair loss.

All of our clients meet with me personally to go through a free consultation where you learn about your options and take a look at some of our samples.  For newly diagnosed patients, we offer a line of synthetic wigs that are custom ordered to be the color and style you choose.  Unlike some store bought wigs, our synthetic wigs look very similar to human hair as they come with highlights and modern styles.   A synthetic wig is a great option for someone wearing a wig on a short term basis as they are easy to maintain but for a client that may need a wig as a long term solution, we can also custom fit and build a human hair wig.

After treatments, Santangelo’s can also help you begin the process of re-growing your own natural hair with the use of Laser Hair Therapy (LHT).  LHT is one of the most innovative solutions on the market for someone experiencing Androgenetic Alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness.  LHT can also be used after treatments to stimulate hair follicles to start growing hair again.  LHT uses a low energy cosmetic laser to stimulate blood flow in the scalp, which can help promote new hair growth and also help the hair grow in thicker, fuller and stronger.

Finally, I have clients that have gone through treatment and all their hair has come back in but it has not come back as thick as it was in the past leaving them with thin, embarrassing hair.  For clients like this, we can offer and alternative to a wig called a Reallusions hair system.  A Reallusions hair system employs a revolutionary new non-invasive skin like membrane grafted to your scalp’s own layers of skin that is natural looking and virtually undectable even to the touch.  Designed especially for women, it has successfully bridged the gap between surgical transplants, chemicals and conventional hair replacement.

Regardless of whether you are newly diagnosed or in remission, there are hair replacement options available to you that can help make you look and feel your best.

Not from the Buffalo area?  Not to worry, Santangelo’s is a member of Transitions International, a group of professional hair replacement studios across the globe that are trained to help individuals experiencing hair loss.  Most Transitions studios offer the same services as Santangelo’s so to find a Transitions studio near you, visit and use their studio locator tool.

To learn more about Santangelo’s, or any of these services, visit or call 716.681.7120 and ask to speak to me, Jennifer Calero.

Best wishes,

Jennifer Calero

General Manager, Santangelo Salon, Spa & Clinic