Metu and Lee Learn About Breast Cancer

By Dr. Shenin Sachedina

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. This is a compelling statistic that touches the lives of many women in the prime of their lives. Many of these women are busy raising families and are career women in their 30’s 40’s and 50’s. Breast cancer can deeply affect the lives of people these women love: including their children. How do you explain such a complicated and sensitive issue to a young child who doesn’t understand what’s going on? A new book written by Dr. Shenin Sachedina, illustrated by Tammy Sherman, can help. Metu and Lee Learn About Breast Cancer is designed for children ages five and up. It explains breast cancer in a language that any child can understand.

Dr. Sachedina, who is also a character in the book, tackles sophisticated topics using creative characters like Chemo Commando and K.I.P (Knowledge is Power). Metu and Lee Learn that breast canceris, “Like a small camp that the bad guys set up,” that needs to be destroyed. They also learn about their mommy’s possible hair loss and what they can do to help her feel better during her “battle.”

This colorful and compassionate book is the first in a series written by Dr. Sachedina dealing with disease. In subsequent books Metu and Lee will learn about diabetes as well as Leukemia, Dr. Sachedina is founder of The Central Florida Breast Center and specializes in breast cancer. For more information about the book or the author please go to