Cathy’s Story

I remember when I was pregnant and just diagnosed with cancer, I paid a high school girl $5.00 per hour to do nothing but web searches. I wanted to obtain any bit of information about the cancer during pregnancy. About once a week she would bring me a few papers, with little information. I was introduced, by phone, to another cancer patient who was also pregnant.

We would chat a few times a week and would share our experiences. Her name was Jane Stillson. Shortly after the birth of her baby girl, Breast Cancer would take her life. Jane gave me courage, Jane would give me the voice that I have today, to share the experience, to give others hope. Although I would never get the chance to meet her, I was able to visit her memorial park, Jane’s Park, in Bremen, IN.

In 1997 just 25 and pregnant, I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. After conquering the biggest battle of my lifetime, I found this group that actually would understand the emotional, trying, lifesaving, and courageous side of what I had experienced. I would finally be able to utilize my experience to help others in my situation. I offered to be a supporter to others who had dealt with Ovarian Cancer and too were pregnant. I began full-time employment and wanted to continue to help have a voice for such an amazing organization, Hope for Two…The Pregnant with Cancer Network. My story of survival has changed my life forever. I am not ashamed nor embarrassed. It is a part of me and who I am today. To understand me is to know my story, we all have one. We choose to share, or not to share. I respect all. I wanted to share.